Who can benefit from Sports Therapy?

One of the most common questions I get asked is “who is Sports Therapy suitable for?” and “who needs the help of a Sports Therapist?” In this little article I want to clear up any confusion you may have and shed some light on my profession.

A Sports Therapist can help anyone! From elite athletes to office workers, we have the skills and the experience to treat a variety of injuries and conditions. From a rolled ankle whilst playing sport, or back pain from sitting at a desk and computer all day - we can help!

We use the skills and knowledge of exercise prescription, massage, joint mobilisations, injury prevention and many more.

Here’s just a few areas that we are able to treat:

Acute/recent injuries

A Sports Therapist has the knowledge and the necessary skills to be able to treat an injury to treat the area of pain and provide appropriate rehabilitation to strengthen the area and prevent further injuries. This will also help you understand your body more.

Ligament & muscular damage

The body is made up of a variety of soft tissues such as muscles, ligaments and tendons. A Sports Therapist can treat ligament and muscular damage using a variety of modalities, such as massage, mobilisations and electrotherapy to not only help the area heal, but to help it heal stronger. This will help stabilise and prevent further injuries.

Chronic/long term injuries

A Sports Therapist has a wide variety of skills to help the body cope with pain. With a biomechanical based background, a Sports Therapist can identify any movement-related issue which may be causing you pain. They will then prescribe corrective exercises to correct the faulty movement pattern.

I can assure that you’re in safe hands when it comes to helping you recover from your injury or pain so let me help you get back to full fitness!

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